Welcome to the application center!
New Generation of SAMD Application!

1. No Punishments within 1 month, No Bans in 3 months
2. Punishlog must be linked
3. You must have good English skills in order to communicate with us
4. Application format must not be changed, all fields must be complete
5. To apply for SAMD you need 12K heal points and atleast 100 hours
6. If you got denied apply again in 7 days
7. Failing to understand the application rules will result into a blacklist.
8. No Secondary Accounts or more accounts on you.
9. You should not use Flash sign, or the script will mess up!
Please Fill the requirements or if you misuse it you will get blacklisted!
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Health Points:

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Total Health points:
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Stats (/stats):

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Give us a brief history about your CIT life:

[RP]If someone contact a medic what you should do?:

If someone given a task for you what you should do?:

Did you read the guide book from Click me (YES/NO):

I agree all the SAMD and CIT Global Rules, and thereby understand that I may suffer kick or demotion in case of failure to follow any rules mentioned (Yes/No):